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Unless You Want to be Robbed...Don't Do This

Bikes, lawnmowers, even purses and credit cards...all being stolen from unsuspecting homeowners who leave their garage door open.

Amarillo Police say if you're going to leave your garage door open, you might as well have a flashing sign in your driveway that says "hey come on in."

Theives are striking open garages all over Amarillo, but most frequently on the Southwest side of town. One type of garage is more susceptible than others, according to APD's Corporal Jerry Neufeld. "Those rear entry garages are the worst. They're covered by trees and surrounded by fences and it's a prime target for a thief because it has reduced visibility from other houses."

APD says leaving garge doors open is a common problem, but we wanted to see just how many people are doing it. So, we drove around a small Southwest neighborhood and found eight doors open, with golf clubs, lawnmowers, tennis racquets and bikes all out in the open. Don't be fooled into thinking your off the hook by only leaving your door open a few inches.

There have been several cases where theives have slid underneath doors just eight inches off the ground.

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