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Clovis Celebrates 75th Anniversary of New Deal

Another celebrations is taking place in Clovis.

It's the 75th anniversary of the New Deal program originated by former President Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression.

The New Deal was put into place to help struggling families and the arts during the depression.

The aftermath of architecture and art lingers in Clovis.

That's why Robyne Beaubien says the anniversary is an opportunity to appreciate the history in Clovis.

"Overall those structures were built and still maintenance free. That's an amazing tribute by people in a time that was tough for the country," says Robyne Beaubien, a member of the Clovis Main Street Group.

Places you can go to see the affects of the new Deal Program are the sunken garden and arch way at the Hillcrest Park, along with the law library and cobble streets that are in the downtown area.

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