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Rance Bray Saddles Up Again

Before Rance Bray landed in Dumas, he grew up in a family of rodeo calf ropers. He says he loved the rodeo lifestyle, but calf roping wasn't for him. Bray was drawn to dangerous sport of saddle bronc riding.

"I've always been an adrenline junky. It always came naturally to me and I thought there was more in it, so here i am," said Bray.

He proved a natural in saddle bronc riding, winning the PRCA Rookie of the Year, and appearing in 2 National Finals rodeos. But the life of a rodeo cowboy took a toll on Bray.

"I'm kinda injured and i have family right now, I have a little boy and a little newborn girl. I thought I was tired of rodeoing and being on the road, so I slowed down."

But family life hasn't put out Bray's fire for rodeo. In fact, he tells us he has plans to return to the ranks of Professional saddle bronc riding.

"They're coming out with a new pro rodeo leauge. They are going to have teams and a draft. The pay will be based on salary. I'm waiting for the draft, and I'm just gonna see what happens."


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