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Dumas Is Growing, Changing

Mike Running, Dumas Economic Developer Mike Running, Dumas Economic Developer
Sam Cartwright, Dumas Chamber of Commerce Sam Cartwright, Dumas Chamber of Commerce

The future for Dumas is looking better and better according to business developers.

If you take a look around the town, the change is hard to miss. Hotels, homes and businesses are popping up.

That's why developers are trying to appeal to all industries, and making this community their home.

"We get all the gametes of the industry. We're pleased to have 4 dairys outside of Dumas.

We're looking forward to the economic boom we're experiencing," says Dumas Economic Developer Mike Running

That boom is opening up a lot of opportunities such as oil, farming and wind farms in the area.

Running says they see that Dumas has got the numbers that compare. and it opens their eyes and to take a look.

Developers are contributing to the dumas community.

"They are giving us jobs revenue from sales money, kids in the school, drivers to the environment to help the community," says Sam Cartwright of the Dumas Chamber of Commerce.

Economic developers say they are expecting Dumas to grow by 25% in the next five years.

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