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Clayton Prison Opens

Associate Prison Warden Mike Martin Associate Prison Warden Mike Martin

A new prison is open in Clayton, New Mexico today. The prison has close to 650 beds that will house mid-level inmates who are doing time for anything from writing hot checks to committing first degree murder.

An Associate Prison Warden Mike Martin tells us the City of Clayton and Union County worked hard to have this prison built in hopes the revenue of having the prison, would help revitalize the area.

"Number one for the citizens of Clayton and Union County because they fought so hard to get this facility here. You're looking at approximately $25 million to come back into New Mexico. That's a big thing."

In addition to generating revenue, the prison has opened up more than 200 jobs to area residents from as far as Guymon and Dalhart.

Martin says,"We're not out-sourcing anything. These jobs are here. We don't have to worry about running out of customers unfortunately for us. We'll have jobs forever and I think its gonna help keep some of the youngsters growing up here in union county that they can stay here and have something to look forward to here. "

The inmates will move in gradually from other state and county prisons starting August 4th.

The facility is expected to be full by the end of October.

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