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Guymon Housing

Guymon Electrician Jordan Carter Guymon Electrician Jordan Carter

Guymon is seeing a surge of businesses and people making their way to the area. Leaving housing an issue for the influx of people moving into the area. 

New businesses means new jobs and more people... Who need to find an affordable place to live in this area. Growth in the Guymon area is leaving a lot of people looking for houses... Desperately. 

"Pretty bad there's a lot of people... Guymon is having a problem housing people," said Jordan Carter a Guymon Electrician. That desperation in finding a home is keeping Carter busy at work. "We've been staying pretty busy. Quiet a few houses coming in," said Carter.

The city is trying to meet everyone's needs with affordable housing. Along with maintaining the demands of a limited budget. 

"That leads into other infrastructure problems... Shortage of housing a place to stay.   Meet all of those at once," said Ted Graham, Guymon City Manager.

Not an easy task but the community is willing to work at it.

Vicki Ayres-McCune, Communiy Development Director said, "It's a rock and a hard spot. At least we're growing. Guymon is staying very proactive. We're moving forward."

"It keeps money in my pocket. As long as there's houses being built. I get paid," says Carter. And until the guymon economy slows. Carter says contractors will continue to stay busy building a better future for themselves and families in the area. "Keep building. That's all we can do."

A lot of the homes being built are affordable housing homes. Guymon residents can apply for the homes at the texas county self-help center.

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