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Guymon Economic Development

Guymon's economy is flourishing according to community leaders.

"Guymon is kind of in a business boom right now with unemployment at 1.8%. ," says

Vicki Ayres- McCune, who works in Guymon's Community Development department.

With business booming, the city is having to make more accommodations for the companies and people making Guymon their new home. Such as seaboard industries, hotels and homes.

A lot for the city to plan for.

Guymon City Manager Ted Graham says it is overwhelming. "There's so many things at once. Expand meet goals maintain retail.. Meet those goals," he says. 

Those goals have the city increasing sales tax.

They have passed a one cent sales tax which goes to paving parks and trying to meet the demands of a growing community.

But that growth has Guymon excited about the future of the city.

"The more we can diversify the economy. The better we are.," says Graham 

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