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Guymon Unites to Water Football Field

Guymon Superintendent Douglas Melton Guymon Superintendent Douglas Melton

The Guymon football team almost had no home this season, but the community banded together to save the field.

"In the spring we decided to go ahead and kill our field, so that we could plant new grass this year. When we started it we ended up killing the grass on May 30th. We were supposed to let it go for two weeks before we sprayed it. During that time, the city council in Guymon decided to do the emergency water rationing," said Guymon Superintendant Douglas Melton.

But watering every other day, only in the morning and at night, would not be enough to keep the grass on the field healthy.

The school pleaded its case to the city council, but to no avail. Melton says the council members could not make exceptions for some, and not others.

But one day after the ruling, the community stepped up. Local farmers began hauling in and storing water from their own wells, to help get the field back in shape.

Along with that, the Guymon fire chief donated his time to set up a sprinkler system to get the alternate water from the tanks to the grass.

Melton says everyone stepped up on their own to lend a helping hand, and without that support, Guymon football might have been in a tight spot.

"We probably would have ended up losing the grass, and it cost us $15,000 to put the field in. It would either have cost us another $15,000 to re-seed it or play our games without any grass, or had to possibly play all our games on the road."

The Field is expected to be ready by the start of the 2008 season.

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