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Canyon Water Main Break Fixed

Randy Criswell, Canyon City Manager Randy Criswell, Canyon City Manager

Residents in Canyon can resume regular water use.. After two water main breaks in two days left officials asking residents to cut back.

The breaks were on one of the main three lines bringing water to the city. Officials say the first happened early Saturday morning and the second early Sunday morning.

The first break was much worse than the second... With a large amount of water seeping into the ground.

Randy Criswell, City Manager for Canyon says, "I'd say worse case scenario would be 6 or 7 hundred thousand gallons."

Criswell says the pipeline coming from the well field just north of Umbarger is around 50 years old..

And though it had two leaks back to back... They are not looking to replace the miles of pipe... Because they don't believe the whole line is bad.

Criswell says, "Both of these break locations, we believe, one i know for a fact was very near a previous repair and the second one was in the same proximity as a previous repair years and years ago."

Criswell says the city will pick up the cost of repair to the line... Which was between five and ten thousand dollars.

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