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Hereford Flooded With Problems

It's been nearly two weeks since drenching rains flooded the San Jose Community near Hereford, leaving more than twenty people homeless. The flood waters may be receding, but as they do, problems are surfacing. For Fedecnia Silba, blood is thicker than water. "This is home. I've grown up here. My mom grew up here. My grandparents." Which is exactly why she and her family are sticking around, despite the problems from the flood here two weeks ago. She says "I have asthma. My son has asthma. It's a big problem. I am very concerned about our health with all of this wet wood in our house."  The health issues don't end there. Silba's neighbor, Luis Alberto Fernandez, has a large mold problem in his house. He says he "scrubs the mold over and over but it keeps coming back. It's from the water inside the walls of my house." More than three feet of water caused major damages in the bathroom as well. "The only way to fix it is to replace the whole bathroom." Both Silba and Fernandez are keeping their heads held high and are focusing on moving forward, all the while trying to preserve their family's past that lies deep within the walls of their homes. T"his house has been in my family for generations. I hate to see it go away. I'm just going to do the best I can." We spoke with the Deaf-Smith County Judge Tom Simons who says they've been pumping for two weeks now and they'll continue to pump until the land is dry again, but that's something that could take several more weeks.
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