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Scooter Sales Skyrocketing

As gas prices soar higher many people in the panhandle are looking to alternative, gas saving options.

At the end of april scooter sales in amarillo were reaching a two year low.

"I dont think gas prices are high enough yet, but it'll reach a point where people will have to change," said Danny Phillips back on April 27th. 

That change has happened.

"I think the magic line was going to be about four dollars a gallon and when i got close to four business started picking up," Phillips said today.

Sales have quadrupled since April.

And the show room that used to be packed with scooters is now looking barren.

"I'm selling them faster than they're coming in. I've got a big waiting list I have 30 to 40 people I'm supposed to call when we get particular models they're interested in," Phillips said.

Another popular alternative around the Panhandle is golf carts.

Especially in smaller towns where a trip to the grocery store and post office can be just a few blocks.

"Sales have been up about 50 percent since the beginning of the summer, most of that's non-golf related," said Trent Winings, owner of West Texas Golf Cars.

West texas golf cars says people are asking for not only golf carts but all kinds of neighborhood electric vehicles... And they just started selling scooters.

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