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New Bike Lanes in Amarillo

Now that gas prices have hit four dollars a gallon in some places the City of Amarillo is putting in more bike lanes.

You can expect to see more bike lanes popping up around Amarillo mostly near schools and in suburban areas.

I'm told the city has been studying where bike lanes are needed most for the last five years but now that more people are commuting to work and need the lanes, the city is taking action.

City Traffic Engineer Taylor Withrow says, "Now the pressures really on because now all this other stuff is happening and kinda forcing us to get busy and do something. Mainly the higher gas prices and the changing in modes of transportation."

The city plans to put about five miles of bike lanes in within the next two years.

Withrow says the city would put in more but the majority of the streets in Amarillo are less than the 45 feet across they need. He says roads around new schools and neighborhoods will likely include bike lanes.

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