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Drought Continues in Oklahoma Panhandle

Kiley Whited Kiley Whited

Locals say it's like living in a desert when they talk about the Oklahoma Panhandle drought that's been suffocating them for the past year.

Since our last trip to Boise City in June it's rained just about two inches. But that hasn't even begun to help Oklahoma farmers and ranchers.

A local hill was once covered in grass and food for grazing cattle. Now it's been blown into a useless sand dune and every day takes over more of the near by pasture.

The plants and grass have turned green for the first time in over a year. But everyone in Cimarron County knows it wont last.

" It'll go back to brown pretty quick. They can handle a little bit depending on how far it got down to the soil profile. And it didn't get too far around here. It'll get back to brown in about a week," said Kiley Whited.

Agriculture experts in Boise City say the soil has less than 10 percent moisture.

Even irrigated crops are failing.

The only historical comparison people talk about is the dust bowl.

"Hopefully it doesn't get that bad but. I mean with the conservation measures that are on the ground we learned from then. But I mean it could be that bad," Whited said.

With the rainy season coming to a close farmers say their next hope rests on an above average winter this year to help them out of this drought.

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