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New Technique Makes Bridge Safer

Your safety on the road may be improving with the help of a new road surfacing technique.

The SafeLane overlay improves traction on dry, wet, or icy conditions, increases the bridge life by up to 15 years, and requires less maintenance.

And with these improvements TXDOT tells me that means more money in your pocket.

The next time a storm hits the McCormick Bridge TXDOT may not to have to send any crews to help with deicing because the overlay does the work for them.

Director of Operations Mike Taylor says, "The rock absorbs madcloride and releases it as its needed to prevent freezing or impede the freezing of the bridge."

And with the deicing chemicals and increased traction already in the road that means you may have more control over your vehicle.

Taylor says,"Just preventing accidents is a big cost, I mean insurance costs, all that adds up. Time of saving people, time of having to traverse in bad weather and not having to worry you know it all helps."

A woman who works next to the bridge says she has seen several accidents and hopes the overlay will decrease that number.

Cassidy Jasper says,"I hope that it works, I really do. There's too many accidents in Amarillo and I've been in accidents and they're not fun and I hope that it makes it safer for people to drive and I might actually get on the highway again.

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