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AISD Taking on $1 Million Dollar Cost

The law was intended to pay teachers more... But it looks like you could end up paying the price.

An increase in salary is costing districts big time. Here is why:

The state has a minimum salary for teachers... Around 27 thousand dollars. The state pays six and a half percent of that salary into the teachers retirement fund..

This is just an example... If a school district pays a teacher more than the minimum... The district pays into the retirement fund based on the difference between what the district pays and the state minimum.

Legislators voted in 2006 to give teachers a 25 hundred dollar pay raise.. Across the board.. Not just for those making the minimum salary.

The school districts now have to pay for the raise and the percentage into the retirement fund...

And while AISD set the one million dollars they owe for this year aside... They could need your help to get by in the future.

AISD Superintendent Rod Schroder says, "We are now to a point where we have no place to go for revenue other than to the voters for a tax election. And that is somewhat of a sad commentary to where we are."

A state senator who voted for the increase says the law wasn't meant to hit districts this hard.

State Senator Kel Seliger says, "if the state is going to give a pay increase the state ought to address the intended cost of that pay increase. That's the simple principle."

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