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Panhandle Residents Missing out on iPhone's Features

Ray Wilson, cat-man-du Ray Wilson, cat-man-du
Dan Matsler, Store Director AT&T Dan Matsler, Store Director AT&T

10 hours and counting...the newest iPhone hits AT&T shelves across America at 8 A.M. tomorrow.

Panhandle residents might not be able to take advantage of everything the iPhone has to offer. The iPhone 3G. Ray Wilson at cat-man-du says "The 3G is a huge deal. It will make the internet so much faster and iPhone users will be able to do so much more, so much faster."

There's just one small problem... 3G isn't in Amarillo. The network is available in about 300 cities nationwide, but the Texas Panhandle isn't on that list....yet. Wilson says "[It should be] in Lubbock by the end of this year and in Amarillo by early 2009. We're hoping by January.

Dan Matsler is the Store Director at AT&T says he isn't worried about the 3G network's absence hurting sales. He's counting on the new lower price - the base model costs $199 - to attract customers. "I think we'll still sell a lot. I've been hearing from people that the new lower price is very attractive. I think people will be lining up around the block."

Even if the sidewalks outside the store become crowded with customers overnight, AT&T isn't worried about running out of iPhones. I'm told that if they run out tomorrow, they'll have more in the next day.

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