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Amarillo, Pampa, Borger to Increase Utility Rates

Amarillo, Pampa, and Borger could all increase utility rates because of soaring cost of energy and projects to get water to residents.

Emmitt Autry with the City of Amarillo says, "The cost of water, like everything else is going up. The city is growing while the lake is shrinking."

... And that means water has to come from other sources... Which are expensive to get up and running. 

Pampa City Manager, Trevlyn Pitner says, "The money will come from rate increases, and tax payers. We have had increases in the past for this new infrastructure with CRMWA and we don't want to put more out there than we have to but we have to cover the cost of services."

Borger agrees... Officials say they will be asking city commissioners to raise rates by October.

The same goes for Amarillo, in fact they could be asking for the raise by the end of the month.

The cities say they can't go at it alone to provide service... They need to continue investing in CRMWA and Lake Meredith.

Autry says, "Absolutely it is a necessary resource. I think really it would have been good if three years ago the alarm bells would have gone off and we could have seen then, what if the lake drops to 45 feet. Back three years ago everybody was saying get serious, that's not going to happen, well it has happened."

Pitner says, "If we try and do this alone I just feel like we are setting up for failure. If we just rely on our own system, we just can't do that."

CRMWA has applied for state aid to help cover the cost... But the cities are preparing to pick up the cost if we don't get it.

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