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Water Bills Increasing?

It cost more than ever to get water to area residents and that cost will now be pushed to you.

We've been told by the end of the month officials will go before Amarillo City Commissioners and recommend an increase in utility cost.

And that may only be the beginning..

The cost increase is caused by new projects to get water to the cities... And you guessed it, soaring energy cost.

Amarillo is already working on another well field.. In Potter County. So is CRMWA in Roberts County - and those two cost together could easily top 100 million dollars for the city.

Emmitt Autry with the City of Amarillo says, "The city of Amarillo isn't going to smile on that prospect.. We have to look at the reality of water, but on the other hand we have to at the reality of what we can afford."

Something else that is adding to the overall cost.. The spike in electricity cost with SPS, who services CRMWA.

"The base rate that they are proposing right now would increase our rate by half a million a year, spread among all the other member cities." Kent Satterwhite with CRMWA says.

Since Amarillo owns around 40 percent of the water CRMWA supplies... They are responsible for 40 percent of that cost.

"We gotta pay the bills." Autry says.

While Autry says there could be a rate increase in the works... Some city commissioners say don't expect to see your bill soar like the price at the pump.

Jim Simms, Amarillo City Commisioner says, "Spread out among all the citizens, it won't, it's not going to cripple somebody."

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