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Lake Meredith To Get Low Flow Pumps

Tomorrow wouldn't be too soon to put low flow pumps in Lake Meredith.

With levels depleting fast.. Low flow pumps need to be installed to keep water fact crmwa says they will open up bids for the pumps next week.

Kent Satterwhite, with CRMWA says, "Probably take a couple months to set up, we hope we set them up and never have to use them."

While he is optimistic, Satterwhite admits we are now looking to the well field instead of the lake.

"It's hard on our well field, there is no question we are pumping it harder than we had ever figured and harder than it was designed for." Satterwhite says.

We are receiving one tenth the amount of inflow, or water entering the lake, that we should be.

"Its broken... Shattered the record. 120,000 thousand in a normal year, we have had six thousand acre feet this half of the year, so it's not quite as bad as it sounds but it is pretty horrible."

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