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Valero Reacts to CSB Findings

One misplaced piece of metal led to a chain of events causing the blaze at the Valero Refinery in Sunray last year.

The Chemical Safety Board just released their findings in a meeting this morning. After nearly a year and a half of investigating, the CSB says that piece of metal prevented a valve from closing properly, allowing water to drip into an unused pipe.

A severe cold snap caused the water to freeze and expand, cracking the pipe. Propane shot out of the crack and ignited, triggering the jet fire. The CSB says several things need to be changed at the sunray refinery to make sure this doesn't happen again. John Bresland is the CSB Chairman. He says Valero needs to implement "fire retardent pipes, remote accesible shut off valves and water deluge systems."

Valero says they have already started implementing some changes. Valero spokesman Bill Day says "as for all the suggested changes by the CSB, at the time of the incident we met all the industry standards."

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