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Metal Piece Triggered Refinery Blaze

A wire shaped piece of metal lodged in a pipe caused the blaze that closed down the Valero Refinery in Sunray last year.

The Chemical Safety Board announced Wednesday morning that piece of metal started a chain reaction that led to the catastrophic fire that sent four people to the hospital. A portion of a pipe carrying propane was left open by this lodged piece of metal, allowing water to drip into it.

Several days of freezing temperatures caused the water to freeze, cracking the pipe, which in turn allowed the propane to shoot out of the opening. The propane ignited. That triggered several large jet fires that burned other areas of the refinery as far as seventy seven feet away from the cracked pipe.

We'll have more on the details of the CSB's findings, including an animated graphic released by the CSB, recreating what they say is the most likely chain of event surrounding the fire, coming up tonight on Live at Five and the News at Six.

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