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Alcohol & Drug Kits For Parents

Stan Scofield, J.A.S. Founder Stan Scofield, J.A.S. Founder
Tyler Young, Tascosa High School student and J.A.S. member Tyler Young, Tascosa High School student and J.A.S. member

Local teenagers are hoping to bring the number of teen alcohol related deaths down.

Texas leads the nation in teen alcohol related deaths. In fact, 50% of Potter County teens in grades six to twelve admit to using alcohol.

Members of the Joint Alliance for Students or J.A.S. say the alcohol and drug kits will make it easier for parents to know if their child is under the influence and hopefully save lives.

J.A.S. Founder Stan Scofield says, "We know we need to convince, talk to these parents that the more parents start using these alcohol and drug testing kits the will cut down on the peer pressure, it will give the kids the tools needed to overcome that peer pressure plus it will give the parents the peice of mind to know whether their child had been drinking or not. "

A Tascosa High School student and J.A.S. member says she used to drink in middle school before she realized the consequences.

Sophomore Tyler Young says,"High schoolers are doing it and it was easy because parents don't suspect middle schoolers do it. I thought it was dumb because like why would you ruin your life just for a couple of hours. So I didn't like it but some people like the way it makes them feel."

And J.A.S. members hope the materials found in this kit will help parents save their child's life.

Tyler says," Because you never know what your kid is going to be pressured into like you don't know if someone's going to say just try it this one time you'll like it. And you're not in your kids mind so they might say oh I'll just do it this one time and it might be the time they do it for the rest of their life."

The F.D.A. Rates the kits 99% effective but scofield says if a child does test positive the family should seek professional assistance.

You can get your own kit by called Joint Alliance for Students at  806-674-4004

You can also mail donations to P.O. Box 32166 Amarillo TX 79120

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