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Borger, TX


  • Named after Asa "Ace" Borger in 1926 after the Panhandle Oil Field was discovered.

    • Shot by Arthur Huey, County Treasurer, after "Ace" refused to bail him out of jail on an embezzlement charge.

    • The city became known as "Booger Town" as it attracted criminals and fugitives from the law

    • The town government was taken over by a crime syndicate lead by "Two-Gun Dick" Herwig.

    • 10 Street, then known as Dixon Street., was the "red light" district.

  • Previous town names:

    • Dixon Creek

    • Isom

    • Signal Hill

  • 1927

    • So wild that Gov. Dan Moody had to call in the Texas Rangers

    • Captain Frank Hamer, Ranger in charge, later took down Bonnie and Clyde.

  • 1935

    • Sand Storm

  • By the 1960s the Borger area was one of the largest producers of oil, carbon black, and petrochemicals and supplies in the state, because of WWII.

  • Borger remains an important shipping point for agricultural produce as well as for the petroleum products produced there.

  • Setting for Thomas Hart Benton's painting, "Boom Town"

  • Businesses:

    • Chevron-Phillips Chemical Company

      • sole manufacturer of RYTON plastics in the world

    • ConocoPhillips Petroleum Company

    • Agrium

    • Sid Richardson Carbon Company

    • Degussa Engineered Carbons, Inc.

  • Schools:

    • 2 elementary schools

    • 1 Jr. High

    • 1 High School

◙ Location
Borger is in a strategic commercial location near the geographic center of the nation. We are an effective midpoint between Los Angeles and Chicago; Dallas and Denver: and Oklahoma City and Albuquerque. See Maps for a geographical location.

Nearby Metropolitan Cities Distance in Miles
Amarillo, TX 42
Lubbock, TX 162
Oklahoma City, OK 260
Dallas, TX 401
Chicago, IL 1,014
Los Angeles, CA 1,090
New York City, NY 1,771
Elevation 3,050 Feet

◙ Housing

Average cost per sq. ft. for EXISTING home, three-

◙ Housing

Average cost per sq. ft. for EXISTING home, three-bedroom:
High: $52              Medium: $44       Low: $25

Average cost per sq. ft for NEW home, three-bedroom
High: $85              Medium: $58       Low: $47

Typical Lot Size: 80 X 120 sq. ft.
Typical Lot Cost Range: $15,000 plus

◙ Population




Hutchinson County








Estimated Present Population City: 13,305 (in July 2005)
Estimated Present Population County: 22,617 (in 2004)

Males: 6,978   (48.8%)
Females: 7,324   (51.2%)


Median resident age:   36.0 years
Texas median age:   32.3 years


Estimated median household income in 2005: $37,700 (it was $34,653 in 2000)

Borger   $37,700
Texas:   $42,139

Estimated median house/condo value in 2005: $47,800 (it was $40,400 in 2000)
Borger   $47,800
Texas:   $106,000

Races in Borger:

  • White Non-Hispanic (73.8%)
  • Hispanic (19.7%)
  • Other race (9.4%)
  • Black (3.7%)
  • Two or more races (2.4%)
  • American Indian (2.3%)

◙ Climate
The delightful climate of this region is one of its best-kept secrets.  Borger enjoys all four seasons; the winters and summers are mild and the humidity level is much lower than other parts of Texas. They occasionally drop below 20 percent in the spring. Low humidity moderates the effect of high summer afternoon temperatures, permits evaporative cooling systems to be very effective, and provides many pleasant evenings and nights. Severe local storms are infrequent, although a few thunderstorms with damaging hail, lightning, and wind occur most years, usually in spring and summer. These storms are often accompanied by very heavy rain, which can produce local flooding, however tornadoes are rare.


Average Elevation 3,050'
Annual Average Temperatures: High  71.8¢ª Low  44.7¢ª
Monthly Average Temperatures:
January High  49¢ª Low  23¢ª
July High  93¢ª Low  66¢ª
Annual Average Rainfall 14.5"
Annual Average Snowfall 3.49"
Days Between Killing Frost 166
Days Over 90 Degrees 80
Average Yearly: Heating Degree Days Total 3,836
Cooling Degree Days Total 1,570
Relative Humidity Percent by Hour: (Average)
6:00am 70% 12:00 noon 42% 6:00 pm 38%

 ◙ Utilities and Services

Electricity Supplier/Distributor: Southwestern Public Service Company
Natural Gas Supplier/Distributor: Texas Gas Service
Water Supplier: City of Borger
Source: Underground Wells & Lake Meredith

◙ Communications

Daily Newspaper              Borger News Herald, Amarillo Daily News
Radio Station                    KQTY-1490 AM/FM
Television Stations            5 channels from Amarillo
Cable Provider                 Cable One
Channels                          170 cable
Telephone Service            AT&T
Post Office                       Borger First Class
Local Internet Access       AT&T, Cable One
Broadband                       Cable One/Southwestern Bell, AMA Online
ISDN or DSL                  Southwestern Bell

◙ Government

Type of Government: Council-Manager
Number of Council Members: 5
Police Dept Personnel:  (Full Time) 36
Fire Dept Personnel: (Full Time) 21
Service Provided Beyond Corporate Limits or By County: Yes
Other Law Enforcement in Area: Hutchinson County Sheriff, Texas State Department of Public Safety
Planning Commission:       Yes
Zoning Regulations:           Yes
City Financing:                  2005                     
Total Operating Budget (including) water, sewer, etc., but not capital improvements or debt retirement $3,833,037
Tax Rate $51.744
Assessed Valuation             $343,740,430
Interest and Sinking Fund Requirements-
General Obligation (Tax) bonds- $699,962.50
Revenue bonds- $117,341.25
Outstanding Bonded Debt-
General Obligations                             $1,000,980
Revenue Bonds                                   $5,775,689

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