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Attic Fans Cool Down Your House and Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Steve Sanders, Lowe's Manager Steve Sanders, Lowe's Manager
Jim Craig, Scottco Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Jim Craig, Scottco Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

If you're looking to save money on you're energy bill one answer may be right above you.

If you've ever been up in your attic on a hot summer day, it makes sense to ventilate your attic to take a big chunk out of your energy bill.

The idea of using electricity to save on your energy bill sounds crazy, but with the right attic fan you can blow high temperatures out of your house.

"You can take advantage of electricity and actually move these fans and move the air and saves cost in your home so it's a very popular item," said Lowe's Manager Steve Sanders.

Xcel Energy lists an attic fan as just one of 60 easy ways to save energy within your home.

But it has even more benefits.

"I've read where it can reduce up to 20, 25 percent on your electricity," said Jim Craig of Scottco Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

"It's going to help the life of your home it's simple you wont have to pay as high electricity bills to clean your home and some thing in the winter time so you can heat your home," said Sanders. 

Since your attic isn't a place you spend much time, most people don't know how hot it can get above your house.

"Attic fans benefit people whether they're the turbine type or power ventilators by removing the heat out of the attic. The temperature in the attic get up to about 140, 150 degrees on a 95 you know 100 degree day. You have an increase of heat generating onto your ceiling," said Craig

Jim Craig said the total construction cost can be in the thousands, but basic systems could cost you just a few hundred dollars.

Which has the potential to pay for itself within a decade.

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