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Do Not Call List Loopholes

Registering on the Do Not Call list to avoid telemarketers may seem like the best way to stop their phone calls, but it may not be the perfect answer. You may still be getting calls, even though you're on the list.

There are some loopholes you need to know about. Just because you register today, doesn't mean you'll stop getting calls tomorrow. Janna Kiehl with the Better Business Bureau says "we tell people companies have until the end of the present quarter plus sixty days until they have those rules to comply with."

So basically, here's what that means... The end of this quarter is September 30th, so companies have until sixty days after that to stop calling you. So, worst case scenario, you could still be getting calls up until November 30th. Even after that time has passed, there are some companies who can still call you...including those you've had a business relationship with in the past, church groups, places you've donated to and alumni associations.

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