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Drunk Busters Keeps New Mexico's Road Safe

Imagine opening up the mail box and noticing you have a letter from the state of New Mexico saying you were spotted driving erratically and possibly drunk.

Last week New Mexico's Drunk Busters program started mailing out such letters.

But it's more than just a government agency sending out letters.

In may they reported at least a dozen contacts made in Quay and Curry counties combined.

New Mexico made a decision two and a half years ago to crack down on drunk drivers by giving power to other motorists.

"If someone calls in and they have good information, color make model of vehicle and the license in the plate matches the vehicle what we do is send the registered owner a letter saying vehicle registered to you was reported to drunk busters and noticed erratic behavior," said Laura Bowers, A Drunk Busters Dispatcher.

But the letters just started going out on July first.

Drunk Busters also dispatches the appropriate law enforcement to try and stop the suspected drunk driver.

Employees say it's working well.

"I Think it's great. I mean you can look at the numbers it's been picking up every month each year. And I think one month we started we had 15 calls. We can do that in a day now," said Bowers.

Some say the numbers speak for themselves.

Last year Drunk Busters answered over 16 thousand calls and made 142 DWI's arrests.

This year through June over 11 thousand calls have yielded at least 40 DWI's and this weekend was a busy time at Drunk Busters

"this weekend was busy I would say this was not a normal weekend the call volume was increased quite a bit," Bowers said.

Bowers says she's received calls from many other states, including Texas, interested in the program.

If you're in New Mexico and you suspect a drunk driver call 877 DWI-HALT.

From a cell phone just hit star 394.

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