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Do Store Brands Save More Money?

You're paying 30% more for eggs at the grocery store now than you were at this time last year. Milk is costing you nearly 12% more.

These rising prices have given way to a new trend sweeping grocery stores across Amarillo. It's becoming more and more popular, forgoing the brand name foods and filling up your grocery cart with store brands, all in an effort to shave a few dollars off your grocery bill.

More often than not, Nancy Jackson reaches past the name brands and fills her cart with store brand food. "All the time." The main reason she does it, it's easier on her checkbook. "It's more economical for my family and the food quality is the same."

So much the same, she says, that "my family can't tell the difference." Carrie Cortez says she's not fooled, she always buys the name brand items. "It's kinda like if you want better quality food, you have to spend the money on it".

So, how much will you really save by buying store brand? We compared both store and name brands to fine out. With macaroni and cheese, you can get three store brand boxes for a dollar, or if you want Kraft's version, it will cost you 79-cents a box.

With beef stroganoff, the store brand will run you 5 dollars for five boxes. If you take the Hamburger Helper route, you'll pay 5-dollars for three boxes.

Cheryl Dewald says forget brand loyalty. She does comparison shopping and will only buy the name brand if "there's a sale. Then I'll look at the brand name to compare prices. Otherwise the store brand is that way I'm going."

The United Supermarket Assistant Store Director we spoke with estimates around 30% of his store's sales comes from store brand products. He says that percentage gets bigger everyday, as food prices continue to rise.

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