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Brand Loyalty....A Dying Trend

If you think you're spending more than ever before at the grocery store, you may be right.

The labor department reports food prices, on average, have risen about 5% since January. It's becoming all too common of a theme at the grocery store, spending more and getting less. Out of these rising prices comes a new trend, more and more people are forgoing the name brands and reaching for the store brands instead.

In the case of one local supermarket chain, their private label is becoming increasingly popular. Kris Burdis is the Assistant Store Director at United Supermarkets on Grand in Amarillo. "As far as percentages go, I'd say our private label takes up about 25 to 30 percent of our total sales and that's going up with the increasingly worsening economic situation. People are choosing us over national brands."

Burdis say's he's not surprised many are forgoing the more expensive name brands and choosing theirs instead To give you an idea of how much food prices have risen in the past few months... Baked goods have gone up 9%, dairy has gone up 12%, and here's the kicker, the price of eggs has gone up nearly 30%.

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