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Homicide & Stabbing on the 4th

One man is dead and another is in the hospital suffering from stab wounds.

The Potter-Randall Special Crimes unit reports last night a fight involving fireworks on Barton tragically ended. 

Twenty-five-year-old Kevin Wayne Lybrand was killed on the 100 block of Barton Road just after ten last night.

His 27-year-old friend was stabbed in the stomach and taken to the hospital for surgery. Police tell us the alleged stabber is a 21-year-old man who lived on Barton Road.

Friends and neighbors I spoke with today say they are angry the man is not behind bars tonight.

Police say the 21-year-old man and his friends were shooting fireworks at a house across the street when a witness asked the men to stop.

Katy Bryan says her husband asked them to stop and the 21-year-old and his friends started to beat him. She says the two victims then tried to stop the fight.

"The stabber lunged for my husband again and they got in the middle of it and was pushing him back. I turned to see the stabber stab bobby in the side and Bobby fell down and as I turned around further Kevin and the stabber were on the porch fighting and then i saw the stabber stab kevin three times and Kevin came walking to me saying Katy I've been stabbed call an ambulance and so I run to my house and call the ambulance and when I come back he's walking down the street and he just collapsed on the street and he was just laying there and he drew his last breath," says Bryan.

The police released the stabber after questioning but Bryan says the stabber should be behind bars tonight.

"The stabber was intentionally trying to kill somebody he was going for main arteries, he knew where to go," she says, "He was not out for self defence you don't have self defence with fists and knifes that all there is to it."

The condition of the 27-year-old is unknown. The Special Crimes investigation is ongoing.

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