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Operation C.A.R.E. Looks To Crack Down on Drivers

Texas troopers will be continuing their increased patrols through tomorrow as part of operation C.A.R.E. Which stands for combined accident reduction effort and it's a nationwide program.

"If they see me they'll slow down so that's the whole idea this weekend," said Trooper Gary McMillian.

Today McMillian was patrolling interstate 27 making sure holiday travelers remain safe.

"We'll what we're looking for is speed obviously, seat belts, and of course as alwasy we're looking for intoxicated drivers," said McMillian.

While most people have this holiday weekend off, operation C.A.R.E is putting more troopers on the highway.

Last year's Fourth of July holiday brought 11 thousand speeding tickets and nearly 700 DWI's in Texas.

But this year numbers may not be as high.

"Everyone's behaving, I hate to say it but the price of gas has really slowed people down there's a noticeable difference than this time last year," said McMillian.

Heavy travel holidays like this bring more troopers on to partol but McMillian says his job doesn't change.

Trooper McMillian says he has issued about about half the number of citations he normally would on holiday weekends.

But he says tomorrow will be a busy day because travelers will be headed home.

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