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Do You Know Your America?

How well do you know your America? The Buzz went out to John Stiff Park on the Fourth of July to see how well Amarillo knows their America?

The questions we asked were the same questions that were on the naturalization test . We had several right answers but several wrong answers.

We talked to adults, children and lots of folks that thought they new the correct answer. We even met a 4th grader that didn't know his pledge of allegiance. The President of the United States Today swore in a new group of U.S. Citizens. 76 men and women from 30 countries gathered at the famous home of Thomas Jefferson. The questions we asked were the same ones on their test.

Some of the Questions were "How Many stripes Are on the U.S. Flag ? Answer: 13. Or what about "Why did the Pilgrams come to America? answer: Religous Freedom. Some other  questions we threw  in were "Who is the Vice President of the United States? That question was the one that most people didnt know! But the one thing that everyone had in common was that they were having a beautiful day celebrating with their families enjoying their America together freely.

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