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Police Work Toward Safety At July 4th Celebrations

Local law enforcement officers are out in full force tonight ensuring the safety of Fourth of July celebrants from potential accidents. But some people say they are wary of festivities in the parks.

One man says he believes going to John Stiff Park this July 4th is unsafe for his children. But authorities say they are keeping the place under control.

Countless two-man bicycle cop teams are patrolling the park to make sure everyone follows the rules.

They want to keep everyone safe from fireworks injuries and medical emergencies like heat stroke.

They also want people to remember fireworks prohibitions within Amarillo city limits.

Even though fireworks are going off right now, many people like to continue their July 4th celebrations through the weekend.

Just remember Potter and Randall counties are still under burn bans, so if you want to set off more fireworks, make sure they do not have sticks or fins.

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