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High Gas Prices Alter the 4th

High gas prices are not stopping Fourth of July celebrations but they are altering them. That is why you may have noticed more tents and trailers popping up around fireworks stands.

To keep the firework stands safe from burglaries someone must be on watch 24 hours for about eleven days.

But safety is not the only reason folks are pitching tents this year the economy is making it too hard for employees to make the commute home.

Jennifer Levens says,"This location is a little far from all of our houses. I live in Canyon, my uncle lives in Boys Ranch and so $4 a gallon gas prices we just don't want to have to drive back and forth everyday, we pitch a tent we're closer, you know."

Levens says even if gas prices lower the family will probably continue their Fourth of July tradition because it not only saves money but brings the family together.

As a reminder, all fireworks stands will be open until midnight. I spoke with several managers who will be giving discounts towards the end of the evening.

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