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Firework Stands Are Goldmines for Thieves

Firework stand owners are more worried about theft this year than in the past because of the poor economy.

That is why area families are taking extra precautions. This fireworks stand along Tascosa Road contains more than $30,000 worth of fun that comes in the form of a pop, bang, or zing.

Since these items are in such high demand this store is a gold mine for thieves. For decades fireworks have been sold at this family owned stand. But it was less than 10 years ago before the family started to worry about security.

"We've been lucky, " says Tyler Woods of Sam Smith Fireworks,"We haven't been broken in before but we've heard of other stands that have and we try to take all of the precautions we can."

Those precautions include building a sturdy stand, securing all the locks and keeping an ear out for activity during the night.

Woods says, "You don't want to leave this by itself overnight because there's a possibility of it being burglarized. So we stay out here in the campers to make sure that doesn't happen. That's the main reason we stay out here and I think it's helped because we've never had any problems."

And all of the stand managers I spoke with today say a break in would be devastating.

Jennifer Levens of Mr. W's says, "Because we work on a commission we are responsible for all of the stock that's in the stand. If it gets taken then we have to pay for it out of our pockets."

I spoke with one store manager who had a break in early last week but the majority of firework stand managers say they have not had any problems.

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