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Muslim Community Reacts to FBI Investigations

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Mizanur Rahmnm Mizanur Rahmnm
T.M. Aossaan T.M. Aossaan

The FBI could soon be singling you out for an investigation, without any evidence of worngdoing.

Part of the FBI's new potential privilages include the ability to investigate someone based on race...meaning they could single out Muslims, Arabs or any race they choose. We spoke with two members of the Muslim community to hear their point of view on this announcement, seeing as how they potentially stand to be targeted.

Mizanur Rahmnm says he thinks "the government is only doing what they need to. I think it's good for our country's security." T.M. Aossaan says "they are only doing their jobs. As long as they are singling out everyone and just me, it's fine."

Other factors the FBI can use to investigate.... Recent trips to destinations known for terrorist activity, military training or access to weapons.

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  • FBI Could Investigate You

    FBI Could Investigate You

    Friday, July 4 2008 8:56 PM EDT2008-07-05 01:56:47 GMT
    FBI Agents could soon be allowed to investigate Americans without any evidence of wrongdoing, according to the Justice Department.