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Booming Business In Canyon

Thousands of visitors will be making their way to Canyon for the holiday weekend. Some of those visitors are already spending money in our area.

Canyon shop owners say business is booming even before the fourth of July weekend has started. Local businesses have doubled up on staff and supplies just to make it thorough this week.

The Burall family traveled hundreds of miles to carry on their time honored tradition in Canyon.  David Burall said,  "It's a tradition we come up every year. We just love coming up here and getting out of the heat of Dallas."

Their tradition is helping the economy in Canyon.  Last year close to 30,000 people made their way to Canyon and this year the city is expecting double that number. Cheryl Malcolm, with the Canyon Chamber of Commerce, says the Fourth of July event is huge for the area.  "Fourth of July is one of the biggest days revenue wise for Canyon. I anticipate that to be the case here," she says.

Connie Kesler owner of the "Rock 'N' Roll Soda Shop", says they're thankful for the visitors they receive. "You can tell it's not local because it's an all day long thing. Then there's all the afternoon rush, " Kesler says explaining her work days.

The business rush that Canyon is seeing comes earlier and earlier each year,  "Every year it gets bigger and bigger since I've been here," Kessler said.

There is nothing stopping the Burall family from spending their dollars locally and enjoying their holiday weekend.  With a smile and his family by his side David Burall said, "Don't really plan on stopping anytime soon. Wish gas prices were lower. We'll be here any way."

Shop owners say this week may be a busy one, but it's worth it. "It's 6 straight hours of chaos but it's worth it. " Kesler said.

Visitors and Business owners both agree the draw to Canyon is the small town appeal to the big city visitors.

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