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Gas Prices Affecting Airport Travel

More people than ever are flying out of Amarillo's airport... The passenger capacity is up almost 18%, compared to Dallas which is down 5% and Houston, which is down 10%.

Chances are good the the majority of the planes taking off from Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport...and that's exactly why Southwest recently added more flights and American Airlines isn't downsizing as much here as they are other places. We spoke with several passengers on Wednesday who tell us they are choosing to fly out of here rather than other places for several reasons.

Glenn Pratt has customers who drive from all over the Southwest US to fly out of Amarillo. "Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, other parts of Texas." He says flying out of this airport just makes more sense money wise. "It's our best bet economically. It doesn't make sense for us to go other places when Amarillo is right in the middle of where everyone is."

Other passengers we spoke with say they are choosing to forgo driving to bigger cities like Dallas for cheaper fares for one reason... gas prices. Euvonne Godfrey says "It doesn't make sense to drive to Dallas with these high gas prices. By the time you spend the money to drive, you could have just flown from Amarillo."

John Woodburn says "It would have to a really, really, really great deal that was overwhelmingly less expensive than the Amarillo flight to make it worth my while to drive when gas prices are so high."

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