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Texas Kids Are Failing Fitness Tests

Texas children are failing physical fitness tests at a surprising rate.

The first statewide fitness assessments of public school children released those findings this week. Gold's Gym Fitness instructor Damon Seymour started a kid's fitness program at the gym two years ago.

He says he did so because he knew kids were sitting at home in front of electronics instead of playing outside.

Four days a week up to 15 kids come to the gym to have fun lifting weights with kids sized equipment, participating in nutrition class, and running around on game day.

Seymour says, "The kids have a blast in this class. We do a warm up that they learn very quickly and I have each one of them lead a couple of days each week, they love the resistance training because it makes them feel like they are doing something their parents are doing. "

Local mom Lori Mungia says she brings her kids to the fitness program because exercise is important in her family and schools need to do a better job of teaching it.

"I think that they should keep athletics as one of the top priorities on the list," says Mungia,  "They should have it everyday and they should have a good thirty minutes of it. And they should have a lot more activities instead of them just walking around, you know they need to have some good exercise for the kids."

And she says she is aware academics and fitness work together.

"I know if they are athletic and they are eating healthy they learn better and I think they have a better self confidence and that's what we want for our kids."

Nearly 2.6 million Texas students grades 3 to 12 failed the test this year.

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