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Amarillo's Airport Seeing More Passengers

First it was home foreclosures, then the unemployment rate and now it's airport travel that has Amarillo bucking the national trend. While other airports are seeing a decrease in passengers, Amarillo's numbers are going up.

If you go out to Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, you'll see a very busy runway. That's a sign of the times. More airplanes than ever are taking off from Amarillo...all because there are more people than ever that want to fly in and out of Amarillo.

According to a recent report by the Official Airline Guide, Amarillo's airport travel capacity rose nearly 18%, while Dallas fell around 5% and Houston fell around 10%. Southwest Airlines saw the increasing demand for this airport and recently added two new flights and a non stop to Denver.

Chris Minz of Southwest Airlines says "Amarillo has been a great source of customers for us...and we will continue to serve the area as demand dictates. American Airlines will be selling fewer seats on flights out of Amarillo in november. I spoke with an American Airlines representative today who tells me they are downsizing in many airports across the nation, but they are not downsizing as much here as they are in other places.

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