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Construction Materials Affecting Cost of New Homes

New home construction is at a 17 year low, and many believe the cost of constructing a home would come down as well. It turns out that is not the case.

Both commercial and residential builders are feeling the effects of the soaring price of building materials. It all links back to, of course, gas prices.

The cost of transporting the materials and the cost of those plumbers, electricians, and so on have all gone up with the cost of gas.

One builder says his company has seen a slight slow down in business while seeing an increase in the cost of the new homes he builds. Curtis Sinclair of Sinclair Builders says, "probably about a 15 percent increase. And as the price of gas goes up it correlates to that as well."

That 15 percent may not sound too significant, but Sinclair says on a one hundred thousand dollar house, you're looking at an extra 15 thousand dollars that was not there a year ago.


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