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New Milk Jugs Won't be a Switch Across the Dairy Industry

One national chain is trying to change the iconic shape of a gallon of milk.

The possibility for cheaper milk has some consumers excited about the new bottle shape. But one local dairy disagrees with some of the positives the new bottle proposes.

The sample at a sams club in California has the new milk jug and is giving some people trouble. But Sams Club officials say it's able to be shipped easier than before and can save on transportation costs.

"We're estimating it could be up to 11 thousand trucks we're reducing on the road this year," said Sam's Club Marketing Manager Daniel Book. 

The drop in transportation cost could equate out to a gallon of milk being about 10 cents cheaper.

But here in the Panhandle the new container would spell trouble for Plains Dairy in Amarillo.

"If you eliminate the case around the jug then you have to increase the strength of the jug. And actually the cost you are putting into the jug may offset the savings that you have in eliminating the case that goes around the jug," said Plains Dairy Marketing Director Greg Meador.

Plains dairy says within the research they've done, the cardboard shipping method is actually cheaper and more eco-friendly.

Because the cardboard they ship is recycled as oppose to using more plastic like these new jugs.

Meador said it's always easier to grow a tree than get more petroleum for plastic.

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