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New GI Bill Gives More Money For Education

Education benefits have doubled for military service members. This is just one of the updates to the U.S. G.I. Bill signed by President Bush this week.

Not only will members of the military be eligible for up to $80,000 compared to $40,000 previously but their family members may also use the money to further their education.

Local veteran Al Gardino says the money is nice but more importantly this bill shows support for our troops.

"One of the impressive things is we've always been saying to the GIs, we care about you. I don't care if you are for or against the war, everybody says that. This is one positive tangible way that this statement is being made.

Gardino says he is glad those currently serving in the military will have the opportunity he did not.

"When I retired back 11 years ago I wanted to use that money over the last 11 years in order to send my daughter to school but it was not allowed, "he says, "Would I not love to have the opportunity to have money to let her be education and then go on and watch that without having to worry about it. "

A local navy recruiter tells me 99% of those who sign up to serve do it because they love their country but the new bill will be an added incentive.

Frank Linan says, "It really sweetens the pot for someone that's college oriented and just has no money and doesn't qualify for any grants or loans this is defiantly something they would want to look into.

For the benefits to apply to a spouse a minimum of six years of service is required. That commitment jumps to 10 years for children to be eligible.

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