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New Health Center For Men Only

Claudia Stravato, CEO, Planned Parenthood Claudia Stravato, CEO, Planned Parenthood

Sexually transmitted diseases among Amarillo men are on the rise, according to health officials. Close to 19 million people catch sexually transmitted diseases every year nationwide. Men are quickly becoming the main carriers of diseases in our area. 

Planned Parenthood is trying to curb the local STD trends by reaching out to men.  CEO of the local Planned Parenthood agency, Claudia Stravato says they are worried about the spread of diseases. "Both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea which are frankly at epidemic stages in our community", she explains.

Planned Parenthood organizers are hoping to target men, who they say are the ones less likely to get the treatment they need. Intern Carlos Najer says men has preconceived ideas about STD's, "They think everything is okay. Everything is fine, but that's not the fact". 

According to the Center for Disease Control, more men are contracting and spreading the disease, but are not getting the treatment they need.

Stravato says, "Men are reluctant to seek care, seek testing and don't like to sit in a waiting room full of women and children". That is one of the many reasons Planned Parenthood opened a male only health center on Monday.  

Intern Wilson Golightly thinks the center is a great idea, "I think it will help more males come in to the clinic. Now that the new clinic is open it will draw in a lot more males that will come in".   Stravato says it will force men to take the initiative in their health. "Men need to assume responsibility. And if they feel comfortable can be seen quickly we think they will", she explained. 

Stravato says if those reasons are not enough. There are other incentives to put the male mind at ease. "All the testing we do is essentially painless and we're hoping it will bring more men in to be checked,"she says 

Planned parenthood officials say the goal is to get immediate care to men. In hopes they will go back for more extensive care in the future.

The center offers care for any general treatment needed. They offer regular health check-ups, physicals, blood pressure, cancer screening and STD testing. The center will accept both uninsured and insured patients and is confidential. Planned Parenthood officials say no one will be turned away. 

The health center offers care to men at a very low cost or even free. Walk-ins are welcome Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 6pm. The Male Health Center is located right next to Planned Parenthood at 1501 South Taylor Street.

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