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The Miracle Dog

Riley is a half poodle and half Chihuahua. He was born with a congenital heart malfunction. His owner Barbara VerWey had no idea until she took her dog to the vet.

After a heart check the doctor told Barbara that the little dog would not live. There was a surgical procedure but Dr. Janice Wolf wanted to do the surgery, but she could not guarantee the dog would make it.

That was a Friday night, by Monday night the doctor called her and said "Riley made it thru. If he makes it through the night he could go home." Sure enough Riley made it. He has come home and is doing well. Riley lives with A Great Pyrenees named Boadie. He spends his day recuperating and sleeping on Boadies back.

Barbara wants people to know that when you buy an animal from a breeder that you can ask the breeder if you can take it and get a vet check.

The breeder should not mind if you do that .

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