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E. Coli in a New Mexico Rest Stop's Water Supply

If you're planning on heading west for the upcoming holiday, you should know you cannot use the water at a rest stop on the New Mexico, Texas border because E. Coli bacteria has been found.

If E. Coli goes untreated it has the potential to kill you so you can see why it was important for the New Mexico Department of Transportation to take action when they found out about this case.

The Glenrio Visitor Center just west of the Texas state line has only been open a month.

On Friday the water was shut off to everything except toilets because water tests revealed E. Coli and while there are no reported cases yet, it's still very dangerous to people.

"Go to the doctor because it's just it's not something that there's going to be a home remedies to. You need to be treated with a good antibiotic you need to stop the nausea or diarrhea or whatever's going on," said Donna McCauley, a RN at the Amarillo Urgent Care.

People who have been infected by E. Coli often have flu like symptoms, like fever, vomiting, and cramping.

The most severe cases are with children and the elderly because their immune systems are weaker and can be taken over by the bacteria more easily.

Donna mccauley says E. Coli cases are not an everyday occurence, but if someone is infected it can take three or four days before people start to feel the symptoms.

"If there is an epidemic of it where many people are sick then yea it can be scary but it's cureable," said McCauley.

Officials say they will be doing more sampling tomorrow and wont know until tuesday at the earliest if the water is still contaminated.

They also will continue the investigation in order to find out exactly what caused the E. Coli to get into the water supply.

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