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How Food Delivery Drivers Stay Safe Update

    Hundreds of Amarillo teens and college kids are home for the summer and are delivering pizzas around town for a little extra cash.

Anyone whose ever ordered a pizza knows the call and order, and hopefully, the pizza arrives about thirty minutes. You hand the driver a tip and then enjoy your dinner. But, did you ever think about the danger the driver might be in on the way to your house?

We spoke with two drivers who say they are always on alert. Mark Bane has been a driver at Papa John's for the past two years and says the thing that puts him in the most danger is carrying too much money. "We drop off the money in a lock box. We only carry twenty dollars at a time...just enough for change for the customer."

The next biggest concern...the location they have to deliver to. "We have people call up and say hey i am in the Walgreens parking lot in a blue car or something like that. We don't go there. Also we don't go places if people are arguing or it looks dangerous." Bane has never been in trouble himself, but knows drivers who have. "I've heard about other drivers who have gotten robbed or their cars stolen." 

One Pizza Hut driver, who didn't want us to disclose his name, says he takes extra steps to make sure it doesn't happen to him. "I always look around and if anything seems fishy I go around the corner and call the customer."

Both drivers say they think Amarillo, in general, is a very safe city, but they don't let their guard down. They say the key to delivering your pizza safely is simple... Pay attention to their surroundings.

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