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Keeping Delivery Drivers Safe

    In light of the robbery at Sonic recently, we decided to see what local delivery places are doing to keep their drivers safe. Many Amarillo teens are delivering pizzas this summer, but parents rest assured...

The managers we spoke with they're doing all they can to make sure your kids come home from their deliveries safe and sound. In fact, their safety measures start before they even get in the car to deliver your pizza.

Both Pizza Hut and Papa Johns tell me they don't let their drivers ever leave with more than twenty dollars in change. They also have strict rules about the locations they're allowed to deliver to.

Steve Bowers is the assistant manager at the Pizza Hut on Georgia. He says "We tell [the drivers] never to pull up to a house that doesn't have any lights on. We tell them if that happens go around the corner and call the customer.

Also, always have an escape plan. But most of all avoid empty houses...that's where the most problems happen." Luckily, there haven't been many pizza delivery incidents since the rash of them a few years ago, but that doesn't mean drivers are letting their guard down. The drivers we spoke with today say they are always aware of their surroundings.

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