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Fourth of July and the Economy...Will it Affect You?

Forth of July spending is difficult for some Panhandle families this year as the economy continues to sour.

The firework stand managers I spoke with say the price for every item they sell is roughly 5% more than it was a year ago.

And even with the additional costs for fireworks, customers tell me high gas prices are cutting their spending by at least half.

Tony Lucero says, "The gas prices do hurt your budget and stuff and you can't spend as much as you would like to so. I usually get a couple family packs, but this year I'm only going to get one.

And the economy is not only affecting adults but area kids. Twelve-year-old Trinton Collins says county burn bans and high gas prices are affecting how he is spending his money.

"I was saving up until the bans got more worse, like they got more strict about it and then I was like nevermind I'll just save up for a guitar," he says, "And at my age I just can't say hey grandma will you take me out of town so I can pop fireworks and with the high gas prices that's just gonna be another no," says Collins.

But Collins says he is still keeping tradition with his dad.

"Yeah, he goes to work and then he saves half of his savings for fireworks because me and him enjoy fireworks," he says.

However, one fireworks stand manager says he has not taken a noticeable financial hit.

Toby Mears says, "It might have a little effect but overall I think it's doing pretty good. You know it's a great time of year and people seem to love it so."

The City of Amarillo has a strict zero tolerance fireworks policy that can cost you up to $2,000 if you possess, sell, or discharge fireworks.

That law is enforced for even driving with them in your vehicle while in the city limits.

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