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Growing Graffiti Problem In Amarillo

Police are looking to catch graffiti vandals in Amarillo. Amarillo police say graffiti is a growing problem in our area.  They say several historical buildings have fallen prey to vandals over the past few weeks. Members from the area say they are feed up.

Beth Duke with the City Center revitalization project said, "We just hate graffiti. We think it's a senseless crime. Unfortunately graffiti happens all over town". 

If you look at the skyline of downtown Amarillo numerous downtown buildings have graffiti markings on them. Police say once a building or home is hit with vandalism.  It is more likely a property will be hit a second time. Corporal Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department says,  "There's not one particular place that you can tell will be hit. They (vandals) use the buildings as a way to gloat or mark territory, even if their not involved in gangs".

Khiva Shrine member Wilton Manley was surprised to think vandals would be responsible for vandalism incident that occurred at the Khiva Shrine Center.

Manley was upset over the graffiti, "I was just kind of shocked. You know shocked that anyone would want to do that to any building. Pretty special place to us," Manley said.

Manley says the Shriners have been stuck flipping the bill for the damage, along with several other local businesses.

Duke said, "It can be expensive. There are good materials out there, but on a high rise buildings. It's going to cost and that cost affects all of us."

A cost that Manley says he's happy at the possibility of the accused Kyle Latham may be expected to pay if found guilty.

Manley says it would be interesting to watch a vandal clean-up the vandalism. "Might be nice to watch him do it and see how he could get it off," he says laughing.

Police are sending out a warning to "taggers".  If a person gets caught vandalizing someone's personal property they will face penalties. Corporal Neufeld says a vandal will pay fines and serve jail time.

They encourage anyone with information on vandalism to call Student Crime Stoppers at 372-84-77

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