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Nine Panhandle People Exposed to Rabies

Dr. James Alexander, Texas Health Department Dr. James Alexander, Texas Health Department

Thirteen rabid animals have been reported in the Texas Panhandle this season and experts are warning you to take precautions against the disease now.

Nine Moore County residents are being treated for rabies exposure the highest number the Panhandle has ever had. These people had taken in a stray puppy that appeared healthy until it started to bite.

Other symptoms of the disease include not eating paired with a personality or behavior change.

Dr. James Alexander with the Texas Health Department says, "Rabies changes a personality. So if anyone has an animal that say is normally aggressive, you've got a watch dog and it's no longer aggressive and suddenly it wants to be friendly and be petted that's a change in personality and you need to be thinking that something must be different. I may be distemper or some other insefalitic disease but rabies needs to be at the top of their consideration at this stage."

Rabies is transmitted through salvia, most commonly by a bite. The demand for the rabies exposure vaccine is a concern for the Health Department, because there are only two manufacturers who create it and one company has slowed production.

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